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Sri RamakrishnaGospel :: p559
Suppose a man has set out with a sincere desire to visit Jagannath at Puri and by mistake has gone north instead of south; then certainly someone meeting him on the way will tell him: 'My good fellow, don't go that way. Go to the south.' And the man will reach Jagannath sooner or later.
"If there are errors in other religions, that is none of our business. God, to whom the world belongs, takes care of that. Our duty is somehow to visit Jagannath.

Gospel :: p809-10
He prayed to Jagannath in a very touching voice: "O Jagannath, Lord I want to tell you something very secret. Why do I love boys like Purna and Narendra so much? Once, in a spiritual mood, I felt intense love for Jagannath, love such as a woman feels for her sweetheart. In that mood I was about to embrace Him; when I broke my arm. It was then revealed to me: 'You have assumed this human body. Therefore establish with human beings the relationship of friend, father, mother, or son.'

Gospel :: p834
MASTER (to M.): "Take some prasad of  Jagannath  first and then eat."
After eating the prasad, M. went to the Siva temples and saluted the Deity.

Gospel :: p839
M. finished his bath in the Ganges and went to the Master's room. It was eight o'clock in the morning. He asked Latu to give him the rice prasad of Jagannath . The Master stood near him and said: "Take this prasad regularly. Those who are devotees of God do not eat anything before taking the prasad."
M: "Yesterday I got some prasad of Jagannath  from Balaram Babu's house. I take one or two grains daily."

Thursday :: March29, 1883
The Master had taken a little rest after his noon meal, when a few devotees arrived from Calcutta, among them Amrita and the well-known singer of the Brahmo Samaj, Trailokya.
Rakhal was not feeling well. The Master was greatly worried about him and said to the devotees: "You see, Rakhal is not well. Will soda-water help him? What am I to do now? Rakhal, please take the prasad from the Jagannath temple."
Even as he spoke these words the Master underwent a strange transformation.

The master regarded the Buddha as what the Hindus in general believe him to be. He always offered his loving worship and reverence to the Buddha as an Incarnation of God and believed that the Incarnation of Buddha continued even now to be manifest in the image at Puri of "the three gems" in the forms of Jagannath, Subhadra and Balram. When he heard that the glory of the above-mentioned holy place was that, by the grace of Jagannath it obliterated all feelings of difference and thereby all distinctions due to caste, he felt an intense desire to visit it. But he gave up that idea (IV. 3), when he came to know that he would not survive a visit to that holy place. He understood, with the help of his spiritual insight that the will of the Divine Mother was against going there. We have already spoken of the Master's firm faith in the purifying power of the waters of the Ganga, which he looked upon as being Brahman Itself in the liquid form (brahmavari). He had an equally firm faith that the mind of a man attached to worldly objects becomes immediately pure and gets fit to grasp spiritual ideas when he takes food offered to Jagannath. When compelled to be in the company of worldly people for some time, he took immediately afterwards, a little water of the Ganga and the "Atke" Mahaprasad, the cooked rice offered to Jagannath, and asked his disciples also to do the same. – Great Master

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